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- Help the people that can help you

April - May, 2014

Have you ever wanted to build connections with people who have the skill that can help you? 


TradeSawp is a peer to peer labor sharing service that helps users form network of social capital, and support acts of reciprocal altruism within the network. 


This is a course project of Sharing Economy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Teammate: Pavel Samsonov 

My Roles: Interaction Designer 

Contributions: Interaction design | Storyboards

Process: Storyboarding | Creating Bussiness Model | Wireframming

We created 2 personas to represent the users in TradeSwap. This helped us focus on sharing a specific and consistent understanding of different audience groups.      


The storyboard illustrates the scenarios in which people can add contacts they want into their TradeSwap networks. Please note that the scenarios are not limited to lyft. People can add contacts under any situation as long as they both accept each other's network request. 


Adrian requests a ride from lyft, and Peter is the driver that picks him up.

They talk during the ride, and Adrian decides that Peter is a trustworthy person.

Adrian invites Peter into his TradeSwap network. They can help each other out in the future. 

After adding each other into their social capital network in TradeSwap, Adrian and Peter can post their needs so that anyone with the resource or skill can give each other a hand. 

In the Future... 

We created a business model canvas to visualize the key aspects and thus help us to see our business in a scientific and formal way. We also created a customer journey map to illustrate the TradeSwap experience and capture the possible breakdowns in our service.   

Business Model + Customer Journey Map

We generated various design ideas during the brainstorming phase. We storyboard them out in order to get feedbacks from the professor and our peers. And we improve the design based on their suggestions and created TradSwap system.      

Brainstorming Storyboards

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