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The Origins of Avant Garde in America 

- A poster to advertise an architecture conference

September, 2013

I created a poster to communicate information and emotional content for an upcoming architechture conference. 


I used typography to create hierarchy, explored colors and made use of visual elements to make the poster appealing to its audiences.


This is an individual course project of Interaction Design Fundamentals at Carnegie Mellon University.

Below are ideation and iteration process at the beginning stage of this project; and an early version of the poster design.


Rough Sketches & Early Version

I decided this was too cluttered and I needed to build hierarchy to prioritize different kinds of information.

Below is the iteration process of designing the final version of the poster. This process was important for me because I get to see the nuances which might have strong impact on my design.

Iteration Phase

The final design incorporated all the information in a hierarchical manner, along with visual appealing design to attract target audiences.

Final Design

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