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Wrist Radar

- Never worry about losing friends or loved ones again

April - May, 2014

Have you ever had trouble finding someone in the crowd? WristRadar is a UbiComp system embedded in a ticket that enables you to find your friend, children, or parents in crowded events, such as concert, festivals, or carnivals. 


This is a course project of Interaction Design Studio at Carnegie Mellon University.

Teammates: Jamie Crawford & Montserrat Lobos 

My Roles: Visual Designer| Interaction Designer | Photographer

Contributions: Visual design| Interaction design | Taking Photos

Process: Brainstorming | Storyboarding | Speed Dating | Video Sketch

We generated more than 50 design concepts which can potentially solve the problems in a crowd. We created scenario-based storyboards to illustrate our ideas.  





Speed Dating

We went out and do speed dating with our target users in oder to narrow down and improve our design ideas. We asked them questions about how they feel with the design, and observed their reactions after showing them the solutions to validate their needs.


We created a video sketch to envision our design. This video effectively communicate the interaction design of the WristRadar UbiComp system. Below is the vignette sketches for the video. 

Video Sketch

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