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Linux & Task Rabbit

- Posters that illustrate the design of labor sharing system

February, 2014

The posters serve the purpose of introducing people who are not familiar with the labor sharing domain to the sharing economy system. 


The posters address questions that have been raised throughout the development of the sharing economy system. For instance, the posters explain how the labor sharing system of Linux and Task Rabbit negotiates between autonomy and resilience; And what type of sharing they are, are they sequential or simultaneous, or pooled or retained property rights. 


This is a course project of The Role of Technology in the 21st Century at Carnegie Mellon University.

We started from looking at different kind of labor sharing systems that we were interested in. We analyzed Duolingo, Quora, Linux, and Task Rabbit in terms of their features and ability to share.

Exploration & Analysis

Different Example of Labor Sharing

This poster guide the readers to explore various kind of labor sharing systems. We analyzed the existing sharing services based on the level of result and input, and used color coding to separate different nature of sharing. 

We narrowed down our scope to Linux and Task Rabbit because they are vastly different in regards to their sharability, which include Lumpiness, Granularity, Renewability, and Crispiness. 

Linux & Task Rabbit

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