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A fun way to explore desserts

Patisserie is an iPad e-magazine on desserts designed for kids. Inspired by my favorite dessert - cupcakes, I decided to design a magazine for kids who love sweets to start learning how to make some for themselves! Different from most existing dessert magazines, I adopted interactions and little games that appeal to kids. Bright colors, vibrant layouts, easy navigation, and clean look add up to the overall design. 

My Role: UX Researcher | UX Designer

Process: Research | Analysis | Design

Tools: Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis helped me find out potential opportunity available for dessert e-magazine. And what are each magazine's strengths and weaknesses.

As we can see from the competitive analysis, most of the existing dessert magazine are designed for women or housewives. Therefore there’s a niche market for dessert magazine for children.


I created a persona to represent the user type within my targeted demographic. This gave a clear picture of the target users’ expectations and behavior pattern, guiding me to design features and functions that fit into their need.

Color Palette & Moodboard

I created a mood board and color palette to envision the look and feel of the e-magazine I would like to design. Since I decided to target little girls, I picked the color scheme and typefaces that are more appealing to girls than boys. 

The Design

This e-magazine is designed for iPad, so the main navigation is swiping horizontally between pages. I used bright colors and vibrant layouts to keep kids engaged during the experience. They can also share the results and recipes with their friends to show off their talent!

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