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Big Data Solution for Hospitals

- An App that Gives you Insights on Hospital Performance

November, 2014 - January, 2015

The Big Data Solution for Hospitals project covered the entire design process from research to final prototype. Our goal is to help hospital administrators to supervise the overall performance of hospitals and doctors. By using this app, the hospital administrators will be able to gain insights from the dashboards and keep improving the reputation for the hospital.

Teammates: Jing Suo, Jerry John, Alex zhu, Wang Liang

My Role: UX Designer | UI Designer

Contribution: UX Research | UI Design 

Process: Research | Analysis | Synthesis | Ideation | Prototyping

Whiteboarding & Rough Design

We conducted several whiteboarding sessions and brainstormed with the stakeholders to come up with the ideas that inform the rough designs.


Below is the prototype that we delivered to the hostipal. The clean visual helps the administrators understand the insights and suggestions in a more precise and clear way.  


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